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LADV201 - MAPLE "the daily charm" LP REISSUE (April 2024)
Limited to 300 milky clear copies.

20th anniversary limited reissue.
Originally released in 2004 on cd by Bcore. First time ever on vinyl.

There are events that make you recover the faith in music as a creative thing;
watching a band growing up in composition is something great, as it proves that
behind the instruments there are human beings expressing themselves artistically. People that learn from themselves, being able to put their restlessness into
music. "The Daily Charm" represents a big step forward for a band that used to
play good songs and now makes true jewels with a sensitive charge not that easy
to find elsewhere, even in a wide Europe which they have toured twice. Maple
used to be a good band; now they are a magic combo, a band able to charm, to
touch you there, that makes you relax and move you at the same time. Songs like
"The daily charm", "Over" or "Once I found you" are like caresses in your ear, that
go through your ear-drum, stick into your brain and touch every nervous termination. And you know that's so hard to get. And if the EP "Rebecca believes" was a
fresh and full-of-life debut, the split "Oceane" a good beginning of self-knowledge
and the 7" "Schematic" a too-small recipient for such big songs, "The daily
charm" is an absolutely brilliant record; the record that we're sure Maple wanted
-and had- to do so we could put them in the good place they deser ve.

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