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You can place an order writing us to: uptothesky5(a)hotmail.com or facebook.com/laagoniadevivir.records ////
Puedes hacer un pedido escribiendo a: uptothesky5(a)hotmail.com o mediante facebook: facebook.com/laagoniadevivir.records

Simplemente manda tu pedido, te respondo con disponibilidad y total con gastos de envío (si eres de Madrid podemos hacerlo en mano y así te ahorras el correo). En cuanto confirmes el pedido te paso mi nº de cuenta para que hagas el pago y te lo envío.

Last update: Mid November 2021.

La Agonía de Vivir releases:
LADV168 - HALF FOOT OUTSIDE “new ad ideas” Lp black 15€ / transparent green 16€ (PRE-ORDER!)
LADV167 - ZEIDUN “001” Lp black 15€ / coke bottle green 16€ (PRE-ORDER!)
LADV165 - ADHESIVE “we got the beat” Lp black 15€ / brown 16€ (PRE-ORDER!)
LADV164 - BANANAS "garun ta eztarri" Lp black or yellow 13€
LADV163 - FRANKY LEE “Franky Lee I” 12” 13€
LADV162 - JODIE FASTER “(in)complete discography” 12” 10€ (Last copies!)
LADV161 - YAPHET KOTTO “syncopated synthetic laments for love” Lp black 13€ / red 14€ (PRE-ORDER!)
LADV160 - SERPENT “amb la rancúnia propia d’un lletraferit” 7” 7€
LADV159 - 7 SECONDS “good to go” Lp black 15€ / milky clear 16€ (Pre-order 2nd press!)
LADV158 - MENDRA “hostal hostil” Lp 12€
LADV157 - R.K.L. “riches to rags” Lp black 17€ / transparent red 18€ (PRE-ORDER 2nd press!)
LADV156 - ANSÏA “leviatán” Lp 10€
LADV155 - The BLACK PANTHYS PARTY / ZOKETES “querida escena (split)” 7” 7€
LADV154 - ICON (Ekkaia) “demo” Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV153 - ACCIDENTE “caníbal” Lp 10€ (Last copies!)
LADV152 - YAGE “anders leben!?” Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV151 - SATANIC SURFERS “taste the poison” Lp black 15€ / transparent 16€
LADV150 - TEN FOOT POLE “swill” Lp 17€ (SOLD OUT!)
LADV149 - ADRENALIZED “vote for the fake” Lp 13€ (Last copies!)
LADV148 - TERESA BANKS “nobody’s coming to the rescue” Lp 15€ (Last copy!)
LADV147 - HONGO “live to ruin” Lp 12€
LADV146 - LOSS LEADER “songs about” Lp 11€ (Last copies!)
LADV145 - NO FUN AT ALL “the big knockover” Lp 16€
LADV144 - CLEAR LINES “places to go” Lp 12€
LADV143 - PULLEY “@#!*” Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV142 - WILD ANIMALS “B-sides” one sided 10” 10€
LADV141 - SPUTA “no redemption” 12” 11€ (Last copies!)
LADV140 - SHAKERS "I need you to know" Lp 12€
LADV139 - XMILK “function” Lp 14€ (Last copies!)
LADV138 - CULEBRA "st" 12" 10€
LADV137 - RANDY "the rest is silence" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV136 - LLACUNA "incendis" Lp 11€ (Last copies!)
LADV135 - PASSAGE 4 "world circus" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV134 - USE OF ABUSE "...I'd rather close my eyes" 12" black 14€ / olive green 15€
LADV132 - BLACK PANDA / The CAPACES "we are born of fuel" 7" 5€
LADV131 - FOR I AM "late bloomers" Lp 15€ (Last copies!)
LADV130 - JAMIE 4 PRESIDENT "consolation prize" Lp 12€ (Last copies!)
LADV129 - SERPENT "lluna roja" Lp 12€ (Last copies!)
LADV128 - ANCIENT EMBLEM "funeral pyre" Lp 15€
LADV127 - HEKSA "cenizas" Lp 10€ (Last copies!)
LADV126 - NOTES TO MYSELF "embers" 7" 6€ (Last copies!)
LADV125 - LAST DAYS OF APRIL "ascend to the stars" Lp 17€ (Last copies!)
LADV124 - SPORT "discography 2010-2019" 3xLp+7" 29€ (Last copies!)
LADV123 - AASON "st" Lp 12€ (Last copies!)
LADV122 - RANDY "there's no way we're gonna fit in" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV121 - CULT OF MISERY "together to hell" Lp 10€ (Last copies!)
LADV120 - NOT ON TOUR "growing pains" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV119 - WEAK "the wheel" 12" 10€ (Last copies!)
LADV118 - NOT SCIENTISTS "leave stickers on our graves" 12" (SOLD OUT!)
LADV117 - NOT ON TOUR "all this time" 12" 12€
LADV116 - NO FUN AT ALL "grit" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV115 - EQUILIBRIO / FURIO "split" Lp 10€ (Last copies!)
LADV114 - ADRENALIZED "operation Exodus" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV113 - TANO! "cants als malsons" Lp 10€
LADV112 - LOSS LEADER "st" 12" 11€ (Last copies!)
LADV111 - GAURA DEVI "st" 12" 10€
LADV110 - HEAVY HEART "love against capture" Lp 11€ (Last copies!)
LADV109 - ANTÍDOTO "romper España" 12" (SOLD OUT!)
LADV108 - MOOM "third ep" 7" 5€ (Last copies!)
LADV107 - SATANIC SURFERS "unconsciously confined" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV106 - NO FUN AT ALL "out of bounds" Lp (2nd press) (SOLD OUT!)
LADV105 - ANCIENT EMBLEM / SOCIAL CRISIS "split" Lp 10€ (Last copy!)
LADV104 - WILD ANIMALS "the hoax" Lp 11€ (Last copies!)
LADV103 - BLEAKNESS "frozen refuge" 12" 10€ (Last copies!)
LADV102 - R.O.B.O. "negación" 12" 11€
LADV101 - ZAHRADA "st" Lp 10€
LADV99 - ØJNE "prima che tutto bruci" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV98 - ZEKE "kicked in the teeth" Lp black 16€ / green or red 16'5€ (Last copies!)
LADV97 - LLACUNA "st" 12" 9€ (Last copies!)
LADV96 - JAMIE 4 PRESIDENT "the heartbreak campaign" Lp 11€ (Last copies!)
LADV95 - NIGHTWATCHERS "who's to blame?" 12" (SOLD OUT!)
LADV94 - NOT ON TOUR "bad habits" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV93 - TROIKA "una vida" 7" 4'5€ (Last copies!)
LADV92 - SATANIC SURFERS "going nowhere fast" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV91 - HYENA "st" 12" 9€ (Last copies!)
LADV90 - ASINUS / VENGANZA "generación proscrita" 7" 3'5€
LADV89 - UNDECLINABLE AMBUSCADE "one for the money" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV88 - UNDECLINABLE AMBUSCADE "their greatest adventures" Lp 17€ (Last copies!)
LADV87 - HEKSA "st" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV86 - NOT ON TOUR "st + N.O.T. ep" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV85 - PERRÄS SALVAJES "aún queda tiempo" 7" 5€
LADV84 - SATANIC SURFERS "666 motor inn" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV83 - FAST FOOD SOCIETY "nuking Candyland" 7" (SOLD OUT!)
LADV82 - NIGHTWATCHERS "good kids obey" 12" (SOLD OUT!)
LADV81 - ROUILLE "à la fin sera l'écrit" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV80 - ANCHORD "as a real return" Lp 11€ (Last copy!)
LADV79 - SNFU "fyulaba" Lp 16€ (Last copies!)
LADV78 - TANO! "st" Lp 10€ (Last copies!)
LADV77 - ORCHIS SIMIA "st" Lp + Cd 8€
LADV76 - HUMO "st" Lp 11€ (Last copies!)
LADV74 - SPORT "slow" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV73 - The SMUDJAS "February" 12" (SOLD OUT!)
LADV72 - PLEASE WAIT "look around, see inside" Lp 11€ (Last copy!)
LADV71 - DERROTA "laberinto / perdido" 12" 10€ (Last copy!)
LADV70 - WILD ANIMALS "basements: music to fight hypocrisy" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV69 - NO FUN AT ALL "no straight angles" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV68 - NO MORE LIES "][" Lp 13'5€ (Last copies!)
LADV67 - NO MORE LIES "seeds of enthusiasm" 12" 12€ (Last copies!)
LADV66 - ONE FOR APOCALYPSE "umbra" Lp 12€
LADV65 - ACCIDENTE "pulso" Lp (2nd press) 10€ (Last copies!)
LADV63 - SATANIC SURFERS "hero of our time" Lp (2nd press) (SOLD OUT!)
LADV62 - EL DISCO DE DEVA Libro 12€ (Last copies!)
LADV61 - AGAINST TIME "and not for anyone..." Lp 12€
LADV60 - DESPEÑAPERROS "herejía" Lp 9€
LADV59 - PODER DE CAMBIAR "trascender el ego" 12" (SOLD OUT!)
LADV58 - SIERRA NEVADA / 1991 "split" 7" 5€ (Last copies!)
LADV57 - ÜBERYOU "frontiers" 7" 5€ (Last copies!)
LADV56 - ADRENALIZED "docet umbra" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV54 - CARELESS "I wish you away" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV53 - E-150 "discografía completa" 2xLp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV52 - WILD ANIMALS "first songs ep" 12" (SOLD OUT!)
LADV51 - CARSON WELLS "tread a northern path" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV50 - ALL ILL "mind power (discography)" Lp 12€
LADV49 - BLOWFUSE "couch" 12" (SOLD OUT!)
LADV47 - The DAYDREAM FIT "make me forget" 7" 5'5€
LADV46 - 1991 "st" 12" (SOLD OUT!)
LADV45 - URA "st" 12" (SOLD OUT!)
LADV44 - PERRÄS SALVAJES "la noche es más oscura justo antes del amanecer" Lp 9€ (Last copy!)
LADV43 - WANK FOR PEACE "fail forward" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV42 - FUCK, WOLVES! "jetzt ist nicht jetzt, jetzt ist immer" 12" (SOLD OUT!)
LADV41 - YUSUKE / LÖRI "split" 12" (SOLD OUT!)
LADV40 - X-TORSION "odio eterno" 12" (SOLD OUT!)
LADV39 - DIANA LAGARTO "st" Lp 10€ (Last copy!)
LADV38 - ANCIENT EMBLEM "throne with no god" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV37 - ØJNE / Улыбайся Ветру "split" 7" (SOLD OUT!)
LADV36 - ADHESIVE "from left to right" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV35 - REGARDE "st" 7" 5€ (Last copy!)
LADV34 - BLOWFUSE "into the spiral" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV33 - ROUILLE "on tue ici" Lp 8€ (Last copies!)
LADV32 - G.A.S. DRUMMERS "proud to be nothing" Lp 12€ (Last copies!)
LADV31 - PRIDEBOWL "drippings of the past" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV30 - NO CONFIDENCE "keep going nowhere" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV29 - MINORITY OF ONE "glory days" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV28 - ENOCH ARDON "dedos rotos" 7" 4'5€ (Last copies!)
LADV27 - DUELO "discografía 2012-2013" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV26 - SPORT "bon voyage" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV25 - SPORT "colors" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV24 - XMILK "scarcity" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV23 - ACCIDENTE "amistad y rebelión" Lp (4th press) 9€ (Last copies!)
LADV21 - ØJNE "undici / dodici" 12" (SOLD OUT!)
LADV20 - YUSUKE / DELOS "split" 7" 4'5€ (Last copies!)
LADV19 - YAW "malda" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV18 - HAPPY MEALS "toaster" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV17 - ADHESIVE "sideburner" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV16 - DESPEÑAPERROS "el foso" 7" 4€ (Last copy!)
LADV15 - ALLFITS "nada, corre, vuela" 12" 9€ (Last copies!)
LADV14 - ONE FOR APOCALYPSE "el alma negra" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV12 - ACCIDENTE "st" Lp (4th press) 9€ (Last copies!)
LADV11 - CRICKBAT "¿por qué?" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV10 - DERROTA "guerra civil" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV09 - MILLION BUCKS "no volver al abismo" Lp (SOLD OUT)
LADV08 - SUGARTOWN CABARET "the first time I lost the road map" 2xLp 17€ (Last copy!)
LADV07 - MONTAÑAS "st" Lp 10€ (Last copies!)
LADV06 - SYBERIA "drawing a future" Lp (SOLD OUT!)
LADV05 - MINORITY OF ONE "south west coast" 12" (SOLD OUT!)
LADV03 - MONTAÑAS "st" 10" (SOLD OUT!)
LADV01 - ASEDIO "st" 12" (SOLD OUT!)

Complete distro:

411 “say it” 7” /headhunter/ 6€
1991 / VÉRTIGO “split” 7” /in my heart empire/ 5€
ACCIDENTE / DUELO “split” 7" /la agonía de vivir/ 4’5€
ACTIVE MINDS “the storm before the calm” 7" /loony tunes/ 3€
ACTIVE MINDS “new puppets – same old machine” 7" /loony tunes/ 3€
ACTIVE MINDS “bury the past…” 7" /loony tunes/ 3€
ACTIVE MINDS “recipe for disaster” 7" /loony tunes/ 3€
ACTIVE MINDS - “behind the mask” 7" /loony tunes/ 3€
ACTIVE MINDS - “the national lotta E” 7" /loony tunes/ 3€
AMBER INN "serenity in hand" 7" /ebullition/ 4€
APPRAISE “leap of faith” 7” /can't keep us down/ 5€
ASINUS / VENGANZA "generación proscrita" 7" /la agonía de vivir/ 3'5€
The ATTACK OF THE BRAIN EATERS "mad ride" 7" /theia/ 5€
The ATTACK OF THE BRAIN EATERS "titan" 7" /ktc/ 5€
BAD BRAINS “pay to cum” 7” /bad brains/ 7’5€
BALCANES “decrépita/ decadencia” 7” /finu/ 5€
BARCELONA "pueden ser ellos" 7" /la vida es un mus/ 5€
BEACH SLANG “who would ever want anything so broken?” 7” /dead broke/ 6'5€
BEAU NAVIRE / REPUBLIC OF DREAMS "split" 7" /moment of collapse/ 5€
BLACK PANDA / The CAPACES "we are born of fuel" 7" 5€
The BLACK PANTHYS PARTY / ZOKETES “querida escena (split)” 7” /la agonía de vivir/ 7€
The BOUNCING SOULS / The MENZINGERS "split" 7” /chunksaah/ 5’5€
CAVALCADES “a small decline blocks everything out” 7” /pundonor/ 5€
CHILD MEADOW / APPLETOP “split” 7” /pundonor/ 4’5€
CIUDAD DEL CABO “st” 7" /existencia/ 4€
CLOUD RAT / CREVASSE "split" 7" /contraszt/ 5€
COKE BUST "degradation" 7" /grave mistake/ 5'5€
COLD KIDS “das wollen wir” 7” /pifia/ 5€
COMA REGALIA / DREI AFFEN “split” 7” /pifia/ 5€
CROWS AN WRA "kakotopia" 7" /adagio 830/ 5€
DAG NASTY "cold heart / wanting nothing" 7" /dischord/ 6€
DAVE HAUSE "time will tell" 7” /chunksaah/ 4€
The DAYDREAM FIT "make me forget" 7" /la agonía de vivir/ 5'5€
DEDICACIÓN “demo ´16” 7” /in my heart empire/ 4’5€
The DEFENSE "fall from grace" 7" /in my heart empire/ 5€
DESCUBRIENDO A MR. MIME / HURRICADE "split" 7" /caleiah/ 5€
DESPEÑAPERROS "el foso" 7" /la agonía de vivir/ 4€
DISCHARGE "decontrol" 7" /havoc/ 5€
DISCHARGE "fight back" 7" /havoc/ 5€
DISCHARGE "never again" 7" /havoc/ 5€
DISCHARGE "realities of war" 7" /havoc/ 5€
DISCHARGE "state violence, state control" 7" /havoc/ 5€
DISFEAR / DOOMRIDERS “split” 7" /deathwish/ 5€
DOWNCAST "st" 7" /ebullition/ 3'5€
DROP DEAD / BRAINOIL "split" 7" /armageddon/ 7€
DROP DEAD / CONVERGE"split" 7" /armageddon/ 7€
DROP DEAD / LOOK BACK AND LAUGH "split" 7" /armageddon/ 7€
DROP DEAD / RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA "split" 7" /armageddon/ 6'5€
DROPDEAD / TOTALITÄR "split" 7" /prank/ 6'5€
ECONOCHRIST "skewed" 7”/ebullition/ 4'5€
EGG HUNT "2 songs" 7" /dischord/ 6€
ENOCH ARDON "dedos rotos" 7" /la agonía de vivir/ 4'5€
The ESTRANGED "fast train" 7" /black water/ 5'5€
The ESTRANGED "frozen fingers/world of birds 7" /black water/ 6'5€
EXTREME NOISE TERROR / SLANG "split" 7" /farewell/ 5€
FACE TO FACE "say what you want..." 7" /fat wreck/ 6'5€
FARSIDE "keep my soul awake" 7" /crisis/ 6€
FAST FOOD / NO PICKY "Spain in the ass!" 7" /picnic/ 4'5€
FIFTEEN “st” 7” /dead broke/ 7€
The FLATLINERS "monumental" 7” /fat wreck/ 6€
The FLYING LADIES "aburridos como tardes de domingo" 7" /muerte a tipo/ 4€
FOOTBALL ETC. "dissapear "7" /strictly no capital letters/ 5€
FOOTBALL, ETC “st” 7” /strictly no capital letters/ 5€
FUGAZI "3 songs" 7" /dischord/ 6€
FUGAZI “furniture” 7” /dischord/ 6€
GENERACIÓN BASURA "st" 7" /muerte a tipo/ 5€
GLAM "st" 7" /la vida es un mus/ 5'5€ 
GOBIERNO MILITAR "no hay opción" 7" /crust as fuck/ 4€
GORILLA BISCUITS “st” 7” /revelation/ 7’5€
HELL DIVISION “la solución final” 7" /trabuc/ 4€
HOT WATER MUSIC / The BOUNCING SOULS “split” 7” /chunksaah/ 5’5€
I RECOVER "st" 7” /pifia/ 5€
ICONOCLAST "wits end" 7" /ebullition/ 4€
IDENTIDAD "demo 2015" 7" /in my heart empire/ 5€
INSIDE OUT "no spiritual surrender" 7" /revelation/ 9€
The INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONSPIRACY "up for sale" 7" /sympathy for record industry/ 5€
IRON CHIC “shitty rambo” 7” /dead broke/ 6'5€
IRON CHIC / LOW CULTURE “split” 7” /dead broke/ 6'5€
IRON CHIC "spooky action" 7" /yoyo/ 4'5€
JUICY JAZZ "squeeze it all" 7" /sonido muchacho/ 5€
JUNBLUTH / CALLOW "split" 7" /contraszt!/ 4'5€
LA MIRADA DEL TIGRE "st" 7" /la agonía de vivir/ 4€
LA MOTO DE FERNAN "nos la suda todo" 7" /rufus/ 6€
LA MOTO DE FERNAN "vuelta al mono" 7" /rufus/ 5€
LOMA PRIETA / RAEIN "split" 7" /deathwish/ 6'5€
LONG KNIVES "this is your life" 7" /count your lucky stars/ 6'5€ 
LOS CRUDOS "cobardes" 7" /la vida es un mus/ 6€ 
MALDITO PAÍS "los inocentes mueren" 7" /trabuc/ 4€ 
MANRAE "pacata hibernia" 7" /ebullition/ 4€ 
MARASME "aquí les ombres mai no arribaran" 7" /bubota/ 4€
MINOR THREAT "first demo tape" 7" /dischord/ 6€
MINOR THREAT "salad days" 7" /dischord/ 6€
MOB47 "karnvapen attack" 7" /havoc/ 4'5€
MOOM “third ep” 7” /la agonía de vivir/ 5€
NADSAT / ULTRASURF “split” 7” /in my heart empire/ 5€
NEURA "escapar" 7" /pifia/ 5€
NIGHT BIRDS "who killed Mike Hunchback? 7" /fat wreck/ 6'5€
NIGHT SHOT "2014" 7" /gato encerrado/ 4€
NO FOR AN ANSWER "you laugh EP" 7" /revelation/ 6€
NO USE FOR A NAME "justified black eye..." 7" /fat wreck/ 6'5€
NOFX "surfer" 7" /fat wreck/ 6’5€
NOTES TO MYSELF “embers” 7” /la agonía de vivir/ 6€
NUEVA VULCANO "nombres y apellidos" 7" /bcore/ 6€
Thee OPERATORS "thee Operators ruined my life" 7" /bramante/ 6€
PERRÄS SALVAJES "aún queda tiempo" 7" /la agonía de vivir/ 5€
PJ BOND "ten degrees" 7" /shield/ 5€
PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES "sad girls por vida" 7" /sound virus/ 5€
QUICKSAND "st" 7" /revelation/ 7€
RANCID "radio radio radio" 7” /fat wreck/ 6’5€
RATA NEGRA “la hija del sepulturero” 7” /la vida es un mus/ 6’5€
RED HARE "lexicon mist" 7" /dischord/ 6€
REGARDE "st" 7" /la agonía de vivir/ 5€
REGULATIONS "different needs" 7" /havoc/ 4€
RIISTETYT “kahleet” 7” /havoc/ 4€
RIISTETYT “tuomiopaiva” 7” /havoc/ 4€
RITES OF SPRING "all through a life" 7" /dischord/ 6€
ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT "plays the music machine" 7” /sympathy for the record industry/ 5€
RULE OF THIRDS "st" 7" /no patience/ 4€
RVIVR “the tide/shaggy” 7” /dead broke/ 6€
S.O.A. "first demo" 7" /dischord/ 6€
SEEIN' RED / HAMMER "split" 7" /armaggedon/ 4'5€
SERPENT “amb la rancúnia propia d’un lletraferit” 7” /la agonía de vivir/ 7€
SHEER MAG "I" 7" /wilsuns/ 6€
SHEER MAG "III" 7" /wilsuns/ 6€
SHOPLITERS “forgiver” 7” /bartolini/ 5€
SICKMARK “II” 7” /rope or guillotine/ 4’5€
SICKMARK “st” 7” /rope or guillotine/ 4’5€
SICKMARK / CONSTRAINT “split” 7” /rope or guillotine/ 4€
SIERRA NEVADA / 1991 "split" 7" /la agonía de vivir/ 5€
SO COW / IMAGE MAKERS "split" 7" /Boston pizza/ 5€
SPAZZ / BRUTAL TRUTH "split" 7” /deep six/ 4’5€
SOULSIDE “this ship” 7” /dischord/ 6€
SUIT TIGER "pinos altos" 7" /big jim!/ 5€
TÉMPANO / TE:RS "split" 7" /pifia/ 5€
TERRIBLE FEELINGS “backwoods” 7” /deranged/ 5’5€
TERRIBLE FEELINGS “impending doom” 7” /deranged/ 5’5€
TORPEDO HOLIDAY "st" 7" /moment of collapse/ 5€
TORPEDO HOLIDAY / FAVORIT PARKER "split" 7" /moment of collapse/ 5€
TOTÄLICKERS "siniestro Totälickers ¿cuándo se bebe..." 7" /kremón/ 5€
TOTÄLICKERS "street d-beat" 7" /kremón/ 5€
TROIKA "una vida" 7" /la agonía de vivir/ 4'5€
TRONO DE SANGRE “el perro bajo la piel” 7" /lar gravacions/ 6'5€
ÜBERYOU "frontiers" 7" /la agonía de vivir/ 5€
ULISES LIMA "st" 7" /existencia/ 4€
ULTIMO RESORTE "cementerio caliente" 7" /radikal 1977/ 5€
ULTRA "España invertebrada" 7" /la vida es un mus/ 6€
ULTRA "mística moderna" 7” /la vida es un mus/ 5'5€
UNITY “you are one” 7” /indeciwion/ 6’5€
VENGANZA "sin perdón" 7" /discos enfermos/ 4€
VEUVE SS "O.P.L.T. & O.S.C." 7" /adagio 830/ 5€
WASTED "I lost my pants" 7" /eating shit/ 4'5€
WASTED "we'll never be so..." 7" /cruzade/ 5€
X-TORSION / CRUEL FACE "split" 7" /dingleberry/ 5€
YOUTH AVOIDERS "spare parts" 7" /destructure/ 5€
YOUTH BRIGADE "complete first demo" 7" /dischord/ 6€
YUSUKE / DELOS split 7" /la agonía de vivir/ 4'5€
ZOKETES "un mal año" 7" /theia/ 6€

10”, 11”, 12”, Lp, 2xLp, 3xLp

7 SECONDS “good to go” Lp /la agonía de vivir/ black 15€ - milky clear 16€ (PRE-ORDER 2nd press)
12XU "on largue les amarres" Lp /stonehenge/ 11€
24 IDEAS "fragments of a broken faith" Lp /h-records/ 12€
88 FINGERS LOUIE “behind bars” Lp /hopeless/ 20€
1991 "fuego y hielo" Lp /in my heart empire/ 12€
À LA DÉRIVE ”les Útats stationnaires” Lp /stonehenge/ 11€
A SILVER MT. ZION “this is our punk rock, thee rusted...” 2xLp /constellation/ 29€
AASON “st” Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 12€
ACCIDENTE “amistad y rebelión” Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 9€
ACCIDENTE “caníbal” Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 10€
ACCIDENTE "pulso" Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 10€
ACCIDENTE "st" Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 9€
ACTIVE MINDS "the age of mass distraction" Lp /muerte a tipo/ 9€
ADHESIVE “we got the beat” Lp /la agonía de vivir/ black 15€ - brown 16€ (PRE-ORDER!)
ADOLESCENTS “brats in battalions” Lp /nichel and dime/ 20€
ADOLESCENTS "la vendetta..." Lp /frontier/ 14€
ADOLESCENTS "the complete demos 80-86" Lp /frontier/ 16€
ADORNO "year two" Lp + Cd /shove/ 11€
ADRENALIZED “tales from the last generation” Lp /chase the glory/ 17€
ADRENALIZED “vote for the fake” Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 13€
AFI “all hallows ep” 10” /nitro/ 16€
AFTERLIFE KIDS "morgengrauen" Lp /adagio 830/ 11€
AFTERLIFE KIDS / LORD SNOW "split" Lp /adagio 830/ 11€
AGAINST ME! “reinventing Axl Rose” Lp /fat wreck/ 18’5€
AGAINST ME! “searching for a former clarity” 2xLp /fat wreck/ 28€
AGAINST ME! “transgender dysphoria blues” Lp /total treble/ 24€
AGAINST TIME "and not for anyone..." Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 12€
AGGROLITES “dirty reggae” Lp /pirate press/ 18€
AGGROLITES “reggae now!” Lp /pirate press/ 18€
AINA “bipartite” Lp /bcore/ 18€
AINA “st” Lp /bcore/ 15€
AIRBAG “ensamble cohetes” Lp+Cd /el ejercito rojo/ 16€
AKS "crust 'n roll y mala hostia" Lp /up the punx/ 9€
ALEA JACTA EST "vae victis" Lp /useless pride/ 11€
ALKALINE TRIO “is this thing cursed?” Lp /epitaph/ 21€
ALKALINE TRIO “this addiction” Lp /epitaph/ 22€
ALL "allroy saves" Lp /cruz/ 24€
ALL “guilty” 10” /cruz/ 15€
ALL "pummel" Lp /porterhouse/ 25€
ALL ILL "mind power (discografía)" Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 12€
ALLFITS "nada, corre, vuela" 12" /la agonía de vivir/ 9€
AMERICAN FOOTBALL "st (ep)" 12" /polyvinyl/ 17'5€
AMERICAN FOOTBALL "st" 2xLp /polyvinyl/ 27'5€
AMERICAN FOOTBALL "st (LP2)" Lp /polyvinyl/ 16'5€
ANCHORD "as a real return" Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 11€
ANCIENT EMBLEM "funeral pyre" Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 15€
ANCIENT EMBLEM / SOCIAL CRISIS “split” Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 10€
ANOPHELI "a hunger rarely sated" Lp /alerta antifascista/ 11€
ANSÏA “leviatán” Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 10€
ANTEROS "cuerpos celestes" Lp /pundonor/ 13€
ANTI-DOGMATIKSS “rompan filas + unreleased recordings” Lp /bcore/ 15€
ANTI-FLAG “the people or the gun” Lp /sideonedummy/ 17€
ANTI-FLAG "the terror state" Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
ANTI-FLAG "underground network" Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
ANTI-IDOLS "sensación de victoria" Lp /potencial hardcore/ 10€
ANTIDOTE "no peace in our time" Lp /bridge nine/ 13€
ARDE “st” Lp /in my heart empire/ 10€
ARDILLAS "st" Lp /cha cho/ 13'5€
ARTEFACT "votive offering" Lp /adagio 830/ 12€
AT THE GATES “the red in the sky is ours” Lp /peaceville/ 20’5€
AT THE GATES “with fear I kiss the burning...” Lp /peaceville/ 20’5€
the ATARIS “look forward to failure” 10” /fat wreck/ 18€
the ATARIS / USELESS ID "split" Lp /yoyo/ 12€
ATLAS LOSING GRIP "state of unrest" Lp /chase the glory/ 18€
AZNAR YOUTH "fosforito" Lp + Cd /bartolini/ 10€
BAD BRAINS “I against I” Lp /sst/ 25€
BAD BRAINS “rock for light” /org/ 23€
BAD BRAINS “st” Lp /org music/ 23€
BAD COP / BAD COP “warriors” Lp /fat wreck/ 18'5
BAD MONGOS “mongo machine” Lp /bcore/ 15€
BAD MONGOS "shoot the bullet" Lp /bcore/ 15€
BAD RELIGION “against the grain” Lp /epitaph/ 23’5€
BAD RELIGION "age of unreason" Lp /epitaph/ 21€
BAD RELIGION "how could hell be any worse" Lp /epitaph/ 23’5€
BAD RELIGION "no substance” Lp /epitaph/ 21’5€
BAD RELIGION "recipe for hate" Lp /epitaph/ 23’5€
BAD RELIGION "stranger than fiction" Lp /epitaph/ 23’5€
BAD RELIGION “suffer” Lp /epitaph/ 23’5€
BAD RELIGION “the dissent of man” Lp /epitaph/ 23€
BAD RELIGION "the empire strikes first" Lp /epitaph/ 21’5€
BAD RELIGION "the new America" Lp /epitaph/ 21€
BAD RELIGION "true north" Lp /epitaph/ 21€
BAD VISION "st" Lp /adagio 830/ 11€

BAIL "st" Lp /time as a color/ 11€
BALLOON FLIGHTS “psychologically broken” Lp /bartolini/ 10€
BANANAS "garun ta eztarri" Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 13€
BARCELONA “extremo nihilismo en Barcelona” 12” /la vida es un mus/ 13€
BARCELONA “un último ultrasonido nació y murió en Barcelona” 12” /la vida es un mus/ 13€
Paul BARIBEAU "grand ledge" Lp /no idea/ 15€
BASEMENT "colourmeinkindness" Lp /run for cover/ 23’5€
BATES MOTEL “higher expectations higher deceptions” Lp /bartolini/ 10€
BATTLE OF WOLF 359 "the death of affection" Lp /react with protest/ 10€
BEACH SLANG "a loud bash of teenage..." Lp /polyvinyl/ 17'5€
BEACH SLANG “the deadbeat bang of...” Lp /bridge nine/ 18€
BEATSTEAKS “launched” Lp /epitaph/ 20’5€
BELVEDERE "the revenge of the fifth" Lp /effervescence/ 14€
BETUNIZER "enciende tu lomo" Lp /bcore/ 15€

BEYOND “no longer at ease” Lp /revelation/ 20’5€
BIG BLACK "songs about fucking" Lp /touch and go/ 20€
BIKINI KILL “revolution girl style now” Lp /bikini kill/ 16’5€
BIKINI KILL “st” Lp /bikini kill/ 16’5€
BIKINI KILL “the singles” Lp /bikini kill/ 16’5€
BISHOPS GREEN “a chance to change” Lp /pirate press/ 16€
BISHOPS GREEN “st” 12” /pirate press/ 16€
BITPART "what's beyond left" Lp /destructure/ 10€
BLACK FLAG “my war” Lp /fanclub/ 15€
The BLACKJAW "burn the artisan" Lp /bartolini/ 15€
BLEAKNESS “frozen refuge” 12” /la agonía de vivir/ 10€
BLONDE REDHEAD “Penny Sparkle” Lp /4AD/ 20’5€
BLOWFUSE “daily ritual” Lp /epidemic/ 15€
BLÜNT “st” Lp /bombs of crust/ 10€
BOYSETSFIRE “after the eulogy” Lp /craft recordings/ 25€
BOYSETSFIRE “the day the sun went out” Lp /end hits/ 23€
BOYSETSFIRE "this crying, this screaming..." Lp /dark operative/ 21€
BOYSETSFIRE “tomorrow come today” Lp /craft recordings/ 25€
BRAID "frame and canvas" Lp /polyvinyl/ 20'50€
BRAID "the age of octeen" Lp /polyvinyl/ 20€
BRAIN ‪#‎F‬ "sleep rough" Lp /grave mistake/ 12€
BROADWAYS "broken van" Lp /asian man/ 16€
BULLIT "sparks" Lp /bcore/ 15€
BUOI MORTU “badagüeyu” Lp /pifia/ 10€
BURNING HEADS “be one with the flames” Lp /effervescence/ 17€
BURNING HEADS “escape” Lp /effervescence/ 17€
BUTRON “el leagdo de la barbarie” Lp /theia/ 10€
CALA VENTO “fruto panorama” Lp /bcore/ 15€
CALA VENTO “canciones de sobra” 10” /bcore/ 10€
CAP'N JAZZ “analphabetapolothology” 2xLp /jade tree/ 30’5€
Joey CAPE / Tony SLY "acoustic vol. 2" Lp /fat wreck/ 17'5€
CAREER SUICIDE "machine response" Lp /static shock/ 13'5€
CARSON WELLS “no relic” Lp /adagio 830/ 11€
CATETE ROCOCÓ "la culpa es de los medios" Lp /bramante/ 12€
CEMENTERIO "luna hiena" Lp /fuck the police/ 9€
CEREMONY "Rohnert park" Lp /bridge nine/ 18€
CEREMONY "still nothing moves you" Lp /bridge nine/ 18€
CHAIN OF STRENGHT "the one thing that still holds true" Lp /revelation/ 19’5€
CHALLENGER "Ümelsion" Lp /carnus/ 10€
CHASER “sound the sirens” Lp /effervescence/ 14€
CHAVIRÈ "des bruits qui restent" Lp /stonehenge/ 11€
CHILD MEADOW "it hurts" Lp /pundonor/ 10€
CHOKE “needless to say” Lp /peopleofpunkrock/ 20€
CHOKEHOLD “prison of hope” Lp /A389/ 18’5€
CHUMPED "teenage retirement" Lp /anchorless/ 15€
CIRCLE JERKS "group sex" Lp /frontier/ 17’5€
CIRCLE JERKS “group sex: 40th anniversary edition” Lp /trust/ 23’5€
CITIZENS ARREST "colossus: the discography" 2xLp /old hardcore/ 24'5€
CITY OF CATERPILLAR "driving Spain as a wall" 12" /adagio 830/ 13€
CLEAR LINES “places to go” Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 12€
CLOUD RAT “qliphoth” Lp /react with protest/ 11€
CLOWNS "nature/nurture" Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
COKE BUST "confined" Lp /refuse/ 12€
COKIE THE CLOWN "you're welcome" Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
COLISEUM "house with a curse" Lp /temporary residence/ 14€
COL·LAPSE "enfonsant" Lp /can't keep us down/ 10€
COL·LAPSE "mínima esperança" Lp /actua/ 9€
COLUMNA “ese lugar” Lp /in my heart empire/ 11’5€
COMA REGALIA “the mirror” 11” /pundonor/ 10€
COMA REGALIA "vau faelgoh" Lp /pundonor/ 12€
COMADRE / TRAINWRECK “split” Lp /react with protest/ 12€
COMEBACK KID "symptoms + cures" Lp /victory/ 21'5€
COMEBACK KID "turn it around" Lp /facedown/ 20€
CONFLICT "conclusion" Lp /phr/ 13€
Los CONEJOS "caos final" Lp /muerte a tipo/ 9€
CONVERGE "all we love we leave behind" 2xLp /deathwish/ 30’5€
CONVERGE "no heroes" Lp /deathwish/ 23€
CONVERGE "unloved and weeded out" Lp /deathwish/ 21’5€
CORDURA "el mal ya está hecho" Lp /in my heart empire/ 9€
COREA “quien encuentra a la madre encuentra a los hijos” 2xLp /existencia/ 12€
COUNTERPUNCH “bruises” Lp /chase the glory/ 17€
CREEP DIVISION “st” Lp /indecision/ 21€
CRIATURAS "oscuridad eterna" Lp /trabuc/ 9€
CRIM “blau sang, vermell cel” Lp /bcore/ 15€
CRIM "pare nostre que esteu a l'infern" Lp /bcore/ 16'5€
CRIMPSHRINE "duct tape soup" Lp /the numero group/ 21€
CRISIS "hymns of faith" 12" /la vida es un mus/ 13€
CRISIS "kollectiv" 2xLp /la vida es un mus/ 18€
CRUSADES “this is a sickness and sickness...” Lp /anxious and angry/ 18'5€
CUELLO “regalo doble” Lp /bcore/ 15€
CUELLO “trae tu cara” Lp /bcore/ 14€
CULEBRA "st" 12" /la agonía de vivir/ 10€
CULT OF MISERY “together to hell” Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 10€
CULTURE "born of you" Lp /demons run amok/ 13€
CUTTING THROUGH “a will to change” 12” /new age/ 17€
CUZIN "problemas épicos" Lp /autoeditado/ 12€
D.F.L. “proud to be” Lp /epitaph/ 20’5€
D.R.I. "dealing with it" Lp /beer city/ 17’5€
D.R.I. “dirty rotten” Lp /beer city/ 17’5€
D.S.-13 "killed by the kids" Lp /havoc/ 13€
D.S. -13 "Umea hardcore forever" 2xLp /havoc/ 24'5€
DAG NASTY “four on the floor” Lp /epitaph/ 22€
DAG NASTY “minority of one” Lp /revelation/ 20’5€
DAG NASTY "wigout at Denko's" Lp /dischord/ 16'5€
DAITRO laissez vivre les squelettes” Lp /echo canyon/ 14€
DARKTHRONE “a blaze in the northern sky” Lp /peaceville/ 20’5€
DARKTHRONE “transilvanian hunger” Lp /peaceville/ 20’5€
DARKTHRONE “under a funeral moon” Lp /peaceville/ 20’5€
DAWN OF HUMANS "slurping at the cosmos spine" Lp /la vida es un mus/ 13€
DAYS N' DAZE "show me the blueprints" Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
DEAD KENNEDYS “fresh fruit for rotting vegetables” Lp /fanclub/ 15€
DEAD KENNEDYS “fresh fruit for rotting vegetables” Lp /manifesto/ 23€
DEAFHEAVEN "new bermuda" 2xLp /anti-/ 24€
DEAFHEAVEN “ordinary corrupt human love” 2xLp /anti/ 24€
DEATH “...for the whole world to see” Lp /drag city/ 23€
DECADENCE "into the mouth of hell" 10" /in my heart empire/ 10€
DEERHOOF "breakup song" Lp /polyvinyl/ 12€
DEERHOOF "milk man" Lp /polyvinyl/ 14€
DEFEATER “abandoned” Lp /epitaph/ 20€
DEFECT DEFECT "st" Lp /taken by surprise/ 11€
DEFIANCE, OHIO "the calling" 12" /no idea/ 11€
DEFIANCE, OHIO "the fear, the fear..." Lp /no idea/ 12€
DERROTA "asko infinito" Lp /trabuc/ 9€
DERROTA "laberinto / perdido" 12" /la agonía de vivir/ 10€
DESANICIU "tapecer de mio" cassette /pifia tapes/ 5€
DESAVENIENCIA "son mutantes!" 12" /pifia/ 10€
DESCENDENTS “all” Lp /sst/ 24€
DESCENDENTS “cool to be you” Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
DESCENDENTS "everything sucks" Lp /epitaph/ 21’5€
DESCENDENTS “hypercaffium spazzinate” Lp /epitaph/ 21’5€
DESCENDENTS “9th & Walnut” Lp /epitaph/ 24€
DESPITE “destroyers will be destroyed” Lp /six weeks/ 12€
The DESTROYED ROOM "the huge mistakes" 12" /Boston pizza/ 7€
DIANA LAGARTO "st" Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 10€
DICTADURA "bajo la sombra del miedo" Lp /stomp/ 10€
DIKEMBE "mediumship" Lp /tiny engines/ 16€
DILLINGER FOUR "midwestern songs of the americas" Lp /hopeless/ 20€
DINOSAUR JR. "you're living all over me" Lp /jagjaguwar/ 19'5€
DISCHARGE "hear nothing see nothing say nothing" Lp /havoc/ 15'5€
DISCHARGE "why" Lp /havoc/ 15€
DISCLOSE “tragedy” Lp /la vida es un mus/ 15’5€
DISFEAR "misanthropic generation" Lp /la familia/ 13€
DISFEAR "live the storm" Lp /la familia/ 14€
DOCTRINA "alimentar su final" Lp /pifia/ 10€
DOWN BY LAW "windwardtidesandwaywardsails" Lp /chase the glory/ 18€
DOWNWAY "last chance for more regrets" Lp /thousand islands/ 18€
DOWSING "okay" Lp /asian man/ 16€
DRIP OF LIES "failures" Lp /la humanidad es la plaga/ 9€
DRIVE LIKE JEHU "st" Lp /headhunter/ 21€
DRIVE LIKE JEHU "yank crime" Lp + 7" /headhunter/ 22’5€
DUMANGE "entre ratas" Lp /pifia/ 12€
DYS “brotherhood” Lp /taang!/ 22€
DYSTOPIA "st" Lp /skuld/ 11€
EL CORAZÓN DEL SAPO “la imaginación contra el poder” Lp /furious/ 15’5€
ELLIOT "songs in a transit wind" Lp /simba/ 18€
ELLIOT SMITH “either/or” Lp /kill rock stars/ 24€
ELLIOT SMITH “st” Lp /kill rock stars/ 23’5€
EMBRACE "st" Lp /dischord/ 16'5€
ENAMORADOS "st" Lp /sabotage/ 12€
ENCONO "centraal" Lp /bcore/ 15€
ENEMY ALLIANCE "damnation dawning" Lp /chase the glory/ 18€
ENVY "abyssal" 12" /temporary residence/ 16€
ENVY "a dead sinking story" 2xLp /temporary residence/ 24€
ENVY "all the footprints you've ever left" Lp /temporary residence/ 17'5€
ENVY "atheist's cornea" Lp /temporary residence/ 17’5€
ENVY “fallen crimson” 2xLp /temporary reisdence/ 24€
ENVY “insomniac doze” 2xLp /temporary residence/ 24€
ENVY / THURSDAY “split” Lp /temporary residence/ 16€
EQUILIBRIO / FURIO “split” Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 10€
ESKORBUTO "anti-todo" Lp /bcore/ 15€
ESKORBUTO "eskizofrenia" Lp /munster/ 15€
ESKORBUTO "los demenciales chicos acelerados" 2xLp /munster/ 20€
The ESTRANGED "st" Lp /dirtnap/ 15'5€
The ESTRANGED "static thoughts" Lp /dirtnap/ 15€
The EVENS "get evens" Lp /dischord/ 16'5€

EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY “all of a sudden I miss...” 2xLp /temporary residence/ 23€
EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY "the rescue:anniversary edition" Lp /temporary residence/ 17'5€
EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY “the wilderness” 2xLp /temporary residence/ 24'5€
EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY “those who tell the truth shall die” Lp /temporary residence/ 17'5€
EXTORTION "degenerate" Lp /deep six/ 14'5€
EXTORTION "sick" Lp /deep six/ 15€
EYEHATEGOD "dopesick" Lp /backbite/ 20€
EYEHATEGOD "in the name of suffering" Lp /emetic/ 22€
F.O.D. "harvest" Lp /effervescence/ 15€
F.O.D. "Ontario” Lp /effervescence/ 15€
FACE TO FACE "big choice" Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
FACE TO FACE "protection" Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
The FAITH / VOID “split” Lp /dischord/ 16'5€
FARAQUET “anthology 1997-98” Lp /dischord/ 16’5€
FARSIDE “the monroe doctrine” Lp /revelation/ 20’5€
FARSIDE "rochambeau" Lp /revelation/ 20’5€
FASTLOUD "dive in a life” Lp /picnic/ 12€
FIFTEEN “extra medium kickball star” Lp /dead broke/ 16€
FIFTEEN “Swain's first bike ride” Lp /dead broke/ 18€
FINISTERRE "st" Lp /contraszt/ 11€
FIRESIDE "get shot" Lp /startracks/ 17€
FIRESIDE "uomini d'onore" Lp /bcore/ 17€
The FLATLINERS "cavalcade" Lp /fat wreck/ 18’5€
The FLATLINERS "dead language" Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
FOOTBALL ETC. "audible" Lp /count your lucky stars/ 16€
FOR I AM "late bloomers" Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 15€
FRANCIS HAROLD AND THE HOLOGRAMS "the white bull weeps..." 12" /video disease/ 9€
FRANKY LEE “Franky Lee I” 12” /la agonía de vivir/ 13€
FREAKNATION "st" 10" /carnus/ 7€
FRENZAL RHOMB "hi vis high tea" Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
FRIEDA'S STILL IN LOVE "diez inviernos" Lp /thursday/ 10€
FROM ASHES RISE "nightmares" Lp /havoc/ 15€
FROM ASHES RISE "silence" Lp /southern lord/ 18'5€
FROM ASHES RISE / VICTIMS "split" Lp /havoc/ 13€
FUGAZI "instrument" Lp Lp /dischord/ 16'5€
FUGAZI "repeater" Lp /dischord/ 16'5€
FUGAZI “the argument” Lp /dischord/ 16'5€
GARÜDA / BLOOMING LATIGO "split" Lp /noizeland/ 10€
G.A.S. DRUMMERS "proud to be nothing" Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 12€
G.A.S. DRUMMERS "we got the light" Lp /kicking/ 12€
G.I.S.M. "human condition" Lp /fanclub/ 14€
The GASLIGHT ANTHEM "american slang" Lp /sideonedummy/ 20€
The GASLIGHT ANTHEM "the '59 sound" Lp /side one dummy/ 23€
GASMASK TERROR "chape de plomb" Lp /destructure/ 10€
GAUA “ritual” Lp /in my heart empire/ 10€
GAURA DEVI “st” 12” /la agonía de vivir/ 10€
GAUZE "equalizing distort" Lp /fanclub/ 15€
GAUZE "fuck heads" Lp /fanclub/ 14€
GBH "a fridge too far" Lp /phr/ 13€
GERANIUM / LINK "split" Lp /alerta antifascista/ 11€
GET DEAD “dancing with the curse” Lp /fat wreck/ 18’5€
GET DEAD "honesty lives elsewhere" Lp /fat wreck/ 17'5€
The GET UP KIDS "problems" Lp /polyvinyl/ 21€
The GET UP KIDS "kicker" 12" /polyvinyl/ 16'5€
GIGANTO "fuego amigo" Lp /holy cuervo/ 12€
GLAM "veneno en sus flechas" 12" /la vida es un mus/ 11€
GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR “yanqui U.X.O.” 2xLp /constellation/ 31’5€
GOOD RIDDANCE “a comprehensive guide to modern rebellion” Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
GOOD RIDDANCE "bound by ties of blood..." Lp /fat wreck/ 19’5€
GOOD RIDDANCE "for god and country" Lp /fat wreck/ 18’5€
GOOD RIDDANCE "my republic" Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
GOOD RIDDANCE "peace in our time" Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
GOOD RIDDANCE "symptoms of a leveling spirit" Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
GOVERNMENT WARNING “no moderation” Lp /grave mistake/ 20’5€
GRADE “under the radar” Lp /victory/ 22€
GRB “cuentos y leyendas” Lp /bcore/ 17’5€
GRAND-POP "eight nights" Lp /discos finu/ 10€
GRASS "rosamonte" Lp /autoeditado/ 13€
GREUS "st" Lp /bcore/ 15€
GRIPPERS "addiction" Lp /potencial hardcore/ 13€
GROSGOROTH "me siento mejor" Lp /chingaste la confianza/ 10€
GUNS N’ WANKERS “for dancing and listening” 10” /fat wreck/ 18€
H2O "thicker than water" Lp /bridge nine/ 18'5€
HALF FOOT OUTSIDE “new ad ideas” Lp black 15€ / green 16€ (PRE-ORDER!)
HEAVY HEART “love against capture” Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 11€
HEKSA "cenizas" Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 10€
HEKSA “st” Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 10€
HELLMAISTROZ "en el cielo está el infierno" Lp /exabrupto/ 11€
HERÏDA / TARSIUS TARSER “split” Lp /ojalä me muera/ 10€
HI-STANDARD “the gift” Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
HIGH DIVE "Europe" 12" /yoyo/ 10€
HIGH DIVE "new teeth" Lp /yoyo/ 10'5€
The HIVES “barely legal” Lp /burning heart/ 20€
HOLY "seclusion MMXIV" 12" /adagio 830/ 11€
HOLY "the age of collapse" Lp /adagio 830/ 11€
HOMBRE MALO / DESERT ICONS “split” Lp /in my heart empire/ 10€
HONGO “live to ruin” /la agonía de vivir/ 12€
HOOVER “the lurid traversal of route 7” Lp /dischord/ 16'5€
HOT SNAKES “automatic midnight” Lp /subpop/ 22’5€
HOT WATER MUSIC “a flight and a crash” Lp /epitaph/ 21€
HOT WATER MUSIC “caution” Lp /epitaph/ 23€
HOT WATER MUSIC "exister" Lp /rise/ 20€
HOT WATER MUSIC “the new what next” Lp /epitaph/ 21€
HOT WATER MUSIC / LEATHERFACE "split" Lp /byo/ 20€
HUMAN BASTARD "live & loud" Lp /no thanks/ 9€
HUMAN HANDS "morning sun" Lp /time as a color/ 12€
HUMO "st" Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 11€
HURULA "betongbarn" Lp /deranged/ 16€
HURULA "vi ar manniskorna vara foraldrar..." Lp /deranged/ 17€
HYENA "st" 12" /la agonía de vivir/ 9€
HYSTERESE "st (2018)" Lp /this charming man/ 13'5€
HZERO “la barbarie” Lp /in my heart empire/ 10€
IGNITE "past our means" 12" /revelation/ 17’5€
ILL REPUTE “the 1982 demos” Lp /mankind/ 20€
IMPLANTS "from chaos to order" Lp /effervescence/ 13€
INDECISION "unorthodox" Lp /bitter melody/ 18'5€
INSTED "proud youth: 1986-1991" 2xLp /indecision/ 30€
The INTERRUPTERS “fight the good fight” Lp /epitaph/ 21€
The INTERRUPTERS “st” Lp /epitaph/ 21€
IRON CHIC "demo' 08" 12" /yoyo/ 16€
IRON CHIC "the constant one" Lp /bridge nine/ 18'5€
IRON CHIC "you can’t stay here" Lp /sideonedummy/ 21’5€
IT'S NOT NOT "fool the wise" Lp /bcore/ 15€
J.F.A. “valley of the yakes” Lp /fanclub/ 14€
JAMIE 4 PRESIDENT "consolation prize" Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 12€
JAMIE 4 PRESIDENT "dolphins" Lp /moontower/ 10€
JAMIE 4 PRESIDENT "the heartbreak campaign" Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 11€
JAPANDROIDS "celebration rock" Lp /polyvinyl/ 20'5€
JAPANDROIDS "no singles" Lp /polyvinyl/ 21€
JAPANDROIDS "post-nothing" Lp /polyvinyl/ 21€
JARDIN DE LA CROIX “circadia” Lp /lar gravacions/ 13€
JAWBOX "for your own special..." Lp /deSoto/ 16'5€
JAWBOX “grippe” Lp /dischord/ 16’5€
JAWBOX "novelty" Lp /dischord/ 16'5€
JAWBOX "st" Lp /desoto/ 16'5€
JAWBREAKER “Bivouac” Lp /blackball/ 18’5€
JAWBREAKER “Chesterfield king” 12” /blackball/ 16€
JEFF ROSENSTOCK "no dream" Lp /polyvinyl/ 20'50€
JEFF ROSENSTOCK "post-" Lp /polyvinyl/ 20'50€
JODIE FASTER “blame yourself” Lp /emergence/ 12€
JODIE FASTER “(in)complete discography” 12” /la agonía de vivir/ 10€
JODIE FASTER / GENITAL JIGGLING “666 cups of black coffee” Lp /emergence/ 11€
JOYCE MANOR “Cody” Lp /epitaph/ 20€
JOYCE MANOR “million dollars to kill me” Lp /epitaph/ 20€
JOYCE MANOR "of all things I will soon grow tired" Lp /asian man/ 18€
JUM “st” Lp /jt soar/ 10€
JUVENTUD INFINITA "st" Lp /kremón/ 10€
KARPATOS / LA FE “split” Lp /pifia/ 10€
KID DYNAMITE “shorter, faster and louder” Lp /epitaph/ 23’5€
KID DYNAMITE “st” Lp /epitaph/ 23’5€
KINDLING "no generation" 12" /echo canyon/ 12€
KLOBBER “loot” Lp /ghost highway/ 12€
L'ODI SOCIAL "que pagui Pujol" Lp /bcore/ 15€
LA DISPUTE “panorama” Lp /epitaph/ 20€
LA FURIA "por algo mas que por gusto" Lp /pifia/ 12€
LA LIGNE MAGINOT "st" 2xLp /autoeditado/ 12€
LA MIRADA DEL TIGRE / CHIMPANCÉ "split" Lp /pifia/ 9€
LA PETITE MORT / LITTLE DEATH “disco” Lp /saltamarges/ 12€
LA URSS “nuevo testamento” Lp /humo/ 15€
LAGWAGON "duh" 2xLp /fat wreck/ 28€
LAGWAGON "hang" Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
LAGWAGON "hoss" 2xLp /fat wreck/ 28€
LAGWAGON "let's talk about feelings" 2xLp /fat wreck/ 28€
LAGWAGON "railer" Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
LAGWAGON "resolve" Lp /fat wreck/ 21’5€
LAS NURSES “st” Lp /discos humeantes/ 9€
LAST DAYS OF APRIL “ascend to the stars” Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 17€
LATTERMAN "no matter where we go!" Lp /yoyo/ 12€
LAURA JANE GRACE "stay alive" Lp /polyvinyl/ 20'5€
The LAWRENCE ARMS "apathy and exhaustion" Lp /fat wreck/ 18’5€
The LAWRENCE ARMS “skeleton coast” Lp /epitaph/ 21€
LEFTOVER CRACK "contructs of the state" Lp /fat wreck/ 17'5
LEFTÖVER CRACK "fuck world trade" 2xLp /fat wreck/ 28€
LEMURIA "the first collection" Lp /yoyo/ 12€
LES MAUVAIS JOURS "s/t" Lp /pifia/ 10€
LES THUGS "I.A.B.F." Lp /nineteen something/ 15€
LESS THAN JAKE “borders and boundaries” Lp+DVD /fat wreck/ 21€
LESS THAN JAKE “silver linings” Lp /pure noise/ 20’5€
LIBYANS “a common place” Lp /sorry state/ 12€
LIFETIME “Jersey’s best dancers” Lp /jade tree/ 23’5€
LIGHT BEARER "beyond the infinite" Lp /alerta antifascista/ 11€
LIGHT BEARER "lapsus" 2xLp /alerta antifascista/ 20€
LIGHT BEARER "silver tongue" 2xLp /alerta antifascista/ 20€
LIMP WRIST ”facades” Lp /la vida es un mus/ 14€
LLACUNA "incendis" Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 11€
LLACUNA "st" 12" /la agonía de vivir/ 9€
LORD SNOW / AFTERLIFE KIDS "split" Lp /adagio 830/ 11€
LOSER LIFE “friends with a demon” Lp /taken by surprise/ 10€
LOSS LEADER “songs about” Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 11€
LOSS LEADER “st” 12” /la agonía de vivir/ 11€
The LOVED ONES "st" 10" /chunksaah/ 11'5€
LUNGFISH "talking songs..." Lp /dischord/ 16’5€
LYPURA "a´" Lp /twisted chords/ 11'5€
MAGRUDERGRIND "st" Lp /six weeks/ 15€
MAJESTAD "música para pelear" Lp /autoeditado/ 10€
MARGINAL MAN "identity" 12" /dischord/ 15'5€
MARKED MEN "on the outside" Lp /dirtnap/ 18’5€
MARKED MEN "the other side" Lp /dirtnap/ 18'5€
MASAKARI "the prophet feeds" Lp /alerta antifascista/ 12€
MASKED INTRUDER "love and other crimes" 12" /pure noise/ 17'5€
MASKED INTRUDER "st" Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
MASTODON “remission” 2x Lp /relapse/ 35€
MAUSER "isolation" 12" /la vida es un mus/ 11€
ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES "are a drag" Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES "take a break" Lp /fat wreck/ 18’5€
MEDICATIONS “cempletelyremoved” Lp /dischord/ 16’5€
MEDICTATION “warm places” Lp /dead broke/ 15€
MENDRA “hostal hostil” Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 12€
MENEGUAR “I was born at night” Lp /narshardaa/ 10€
The MENZINGERS “from exile” Lp /epitaph/ 22€
The MENZINGERS “hello exile” Lp /epitaph/ 21€
The MENZINGERS “ranted world” Lp /epitaph/ 20’5€
MERCHANDISE "total nite" Lp /night people/ 16€
METRALLETA "st" Lp /chaos 666/ 8€
METZ “II” Lp /subpop/ 20’5€
MILKHOUSE “la basura se esconde en los armarios de la cocina 2.0” Lp /culpable/ 12€
MILLENCOLIN "home from home" Lp /burning heart/ 22€
MILLENCOLIN "kingwood" Lp /burning heart/ 21€
MILLENCOLIN "same old tunes" Lp /epitaph/ 21'5€
MILLENCOLIN “SOS” Lp /epitaph/ 20€
MILLENCOLIN "true brew" Lp /epitaph/ 22'5€
MINERAL “end serenading” 2xLp /arena rock/ 33€
MINOR EMPIRES “st” Lp /lar gravacions/ 13€
MINOR THREAT "st" 12" /dischord/ 16'5€

MIRAZ “jestem Z nia” Lp /in my heart empire/ 10€
The MOB “let the tribe increase” Lp /overground/ 16€
MODERN BASEBALL “sports” Lp /lame-o/ 22’5€
MODERN LIFE IS WAR “midnight in America” /deathwish/ 21€
MOGWAI “atomic” 2xLp /temporary residence/ 24'5€
MONO "for my parents" 2xLp /temporary residence/ 24€
MONO "hymn to the immortal wind..." 2xLp /temporary residence/ 25€
MONO "rays of darkness" Lp /temporary residence/ 15€
MONO “requiem for hell” 2xLp /temporary residence/ 24€
MONO "the last dawn" Lp /temporary residence/ 17'5€
MONO “under the pipal tree” 2xLp /temporary residence/ 24'5€
MONO "you are there" 2xLp /temporary residence/ 24€
MONPLAISIR "st" Lp /echo canyon/ 12€
MONTAÑAS "st" Lp /la alegría de vivir/ 10€
MOSS ICON "complete discography" 3xLp /temporary residence/ 31€
MOUTHPIECE "can't kill what's inside (complete discography)" Lp /revelation/ 16€
MOVING TARGETS “burning in water” Lp /taang!/ 21€
MOVING TARGETS "wires" Lp+Cd /boss tuneage/ 14€
MUCH THE SAME "everything is fine" Lp /thousand islands/ 18€
MUCH THE SAME "quitters never win" LP /lockjaw/ 18€
MUNCIE GIRLS "sleepless" 12” /yoyo/ 11€
MURDER CITY DEVILS "st" Lp /subpop/ 18’5€
MUTE "remember death" Lp /effervescence/ 14€
NADSAT / RUINA “split” Lp /pifia/ 10€
The NATION OF ULYSSES “13-point program to destroy...” Lp /dischord/ 16’5€
NATIONS ON FIRE "burn again" Lp /refuse/ 14€
NATIONS ON FIRE "death of the pro-lifer" Lp /refuse/ 14€
NEGATIVE APPROACH “tied down” Lp /touch and go/ 18’5€
NEILA "tronos ardiendo" Lp /la humanidad es la plaga/ 12€
NEUROSIS “pain of mind” Lp /neurot/ 23’5€
NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL “in the aeroplane over the...” Lp /merge/ 20€
NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL “on Avery island” Lp /merge/ 20€
NEW FLESH "the absurd" Lp /sabotage/ 11€
NIGHT BIRDS “born to die in suburbia” Lp /taken by surprise/ 14€
NIGHT BIRDS "mutiny at Muscle Beach" Lp /fat wreck/ 18€

NIGHT BIRDS “the other side of darkness” Lp /taken by surprise/ 14€
NIGHT MARCHERS ”allez! allez!” Lp /swami/ 19’5€
NINE STORIES "st" Lp /gran derby/ 12€
NIRVANA "bleach" Lp /subpop/ 22'5€
NITROPOLLO “what’s the point” Lp /bartolini/ 10€
NO FUN AT ALL “low rider” Lp /sbäm/ 20€
NO FUN AT ALL “the big knockover” Lp /la agonía de vivir/ black vinyl 16€ - grey 17€
NO MORE ART "sorrows of youth" Lp /rockstar/ 12€
NO MORE LIES "][" Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 13'5€
NO MORE LIES "seeds of enthusiasm" 12" /la agonía de vivir/ 12€
NO NIPPLES "no babies allowed" Lp+Cd /autoeditado/ 10€
NO NIPPLES "S.M.E.G.M.A." Lp /bartolini/ 12€
NO USE FOR A NAME “hard rock bottom” Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
NO USE FOR A NAME “keep them confused” Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
NO USE FOR A NAME "leche con carne" Lp /fat wreck/ 18’5€
NO USE FOR A NAME “more betterness” Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
NO USE FOR A NAME “rarities vol. 1” Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
NO USE FOR A NAME “rarities vol. 2” Lp /fat wreck/ 20€
NO USE FOR A NAME “the daily grind” 12” /fat wreck/ 17’5€
NO USE FOR A NAME “the feel good record of the year” Lp /fat wreck/ 18’5€
NOFX "first ditch effort" Lp /fat wreck/ 20€
NOFX “I heard they suck live!” Lp /fat wreck/ 20’5€
NOFX “maximum rocknroll” Lp /mystic/ 21’5€
NOFX “never trust a hippy” 10” /fat wreck/ 18€
NOFX “ribbed” Lp /epitaph/ 23’5€
NOFX “ribbed: live in a dive” Lp /fat wreck/ 20€
NOFX "s&m airlines" Lp /epitaph/ 21'5€

NOFX "self entitled" Lp /fat wreck/ 21’5€
NOFX “single album” Lp /fat wreck/ 21€
NOFX “st” 10” /fat wreck/ 16€
NOFX “the decline: live at Red Rocks” Lp /fat wreck/ 17'5€
NOFX "the greatest songs ever written" 2xLp /fat wreck/ 30€
NOFX “the longest line” 12” /fat wreck/ 17€
NOFX / FRANK TURNER "split" Lp /fat wreck/ 18’5€
NOT AVAILABLE "fezzo" Lp /last exit music/ 15€
NOT AVAILABLE “resistance is futile” Lp /last exit music/ 15€
NOT AVAILABLE “v8” Lp /last exit music/ 16’5€
NOT ON TOUR “all this time” Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 12€
NOT SCIENTISTS "destroy to rebuild" Lp /torreznetes/ 12€
NOTHINGTON "borrowed time" Lp /red scare/ 18€
NOTHINGTON "roads, bridges & ruins" Lp /BYO/ 20€
NUEVA GENERACIÓN "MMXVI" Lp /in my heart empire/ 9€
NUEVA VULCANO "ensayo" Lp /bcore/ 15€
NUEVA VULCANO “los peces de colores” Lp /bcore/ 15€
OATHBREAKER "eros/anteros" Lp /deathwish/ 20'5€
OATHBREAKER "maelstrom" Lp /deathwish/ 20’5€
OATHBREAKER "rheia" 2xLp /deathwish/ 28€
OFFSPRING “ignition” Lp /epitaph/ 21€
OFFSPRING “smash” Lp /epitaph/ 21€
ONE FOR APOCALYPSE "umbra" Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 12€
ONE LAST WISH "1986" Lp /dischord/ 16'5€
OPERATION IVY "hectic" 12” /epitaph/ 20€
Thee OPERATORS "mucho peor" Lp /bcore/ 15€
ORCHIS SIMIA "st" Lp + Cd /la agonía de vivir/ 8€
ORDEN MUNDIAL "obediencia debida" Lp /la vida es un mus/ 12'5€
ORDINATION OF AARON “discography” 2xLp /adagio 830/ 18€
ÒSSERP "al meu pas s'alça la mort" Lp /kremón/ 11€
PALATKA “the end of irony” Lp /no idea/ 18'5€
PAPAYA “st” 12” /adagio 830/ 10€
PEARS “go to prison” Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
PEARS “green star” Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
PEARS “st” Lp /fat wreck/ 18’5€
PEDESTRIANS "ideal divide" Lp /la familia/ 10'5€
PELIGRO SOCIAL "no religion" Lp /tank crimes/ 15€
PENNYWISE “about time” Lp /epitaph/ 21'5€
PENNYWISE “never gonna die” Lp /epitaph/ 20€
PENSE "realidade, vida e fe" Lp /mud cake/ 14€
PERRALOBO "grita cuando te quemes" Lp /soroll/ 10€
PERRÄS SALVAJES "la noche es más oscura justo antes del amanecer" Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 9€
PHOENIX BODIES “raise the bullshit flag” Lp /slave union/ 12€
PINEGROVE “cardinal” Lp /run for cover/ 22€
PINHEAD GUNPOWDER “carry the banner” Lp /1234go!/ 23€
PINHEAD GUNPOWDER “jump salty” Lp /1234go!/ 23€
PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS “mercy” Lp /deathwish/ 18’5€
PLEASE WAIT “look around, see inside” Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 11€
POISON IDEA "feel the darkness" 2xLp /TKO/ 31'5€
POISON IDEA “latest will and testament” Lp /TKO/ 18€
POISON IDEA "pick your king" 12” /jackpot/ 22€
POL POT "the paradox of the double..." 12" /go mongo/ 10€
POSESSION "anoxia" Lp /ktc/ 10€
POTENCE "l' amour en temps de la peste" Lp /contraszt!/ 11€
POWER BURKAS "llarga vida al taranná" Lp /bcore/ 15€
PREYING HANDS "through the dark" Lp /inimical/ 10'5€
PROMISE RING “30 degrees everywhere” Lp /epitaph/ 23’5€
PROPAGANDHI “failed states” Lp /epitaph/ 20€
PROPAGANDHI "how to clean everything: 20th anniversary" Lp /fat wreck/ 18’5€

PROPAGANDHI "less talk more rock" Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
PROPAGANDHI "potemkin city limits" Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
PROPAGANDHI "today's empires, tomorrow's ashes" Lp /fat wreck/ 21’5€
PROPAGANDHI “victory lap” Lp /epitaph/ 20€
PUP "st" Lp /sideonedummy/ 20€
PUP "the dream Is over" Lp /sideonedummy/ 23€
PUP "this place sucks" 12” /rise/ 21€
PYGMY LUSH "mount hope" Lp /lovitt/ 16’5€
PYGMY LUSH "old friends" Lp /lovitt/ 16’5€
Q AND NOT U "different damage" Lp /dischord/ 16'5€
Q AND NOT U “no kill no beep beep” Lp /dischord/ 16’5€
QUICKSAND “interiors” Lp /epitaph/ 20€
R.K.L. "keep laughing: the best of" Lp /mystic/ 23€
R.K.L. “riches to rags” Lp /la agonía de vivir/ black 17€ - red 18€ (PRE-ORDER 2nd press!)
R.O.B.O. “negación” 12” /la agonía de vivir/ 11€
R.O.B.O. “todo se derrumba” 12” /blondes must die/ 11€
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE “battle of Los Angeles” Lp /epic/ 23’5€
RAINER MARIA "look now look again" Lp /polyvinyl/ 20'5€
RAINER MARIA "long knives drawn" Lp /polyvinyl/ 21€
RAINER MARIA "past worn searching" Lp /polyvinyl/ 21€
RAISED FIST “anthems” Lp /epitaph/ 21€
RANCID "let the dominoes fall" 2xLp /epitaph/ 27'5€

RANCID “trouble marker” Lp /epitaph/ 20'5€
RATA NEGRA “justicia cósmica” Lp /la vida es un mus/ 13€
RATA NEGRA “oído absoluto” Lp /la vida es un mus/ 13€
RATA NEGRA "una vida vulgar" Lp /humo/ 15€
RATOS DE PORAO "crucificados pelo sistema" Lp /beat generation/ 15€
RED APOLLO "altruist" 2xLp /moment of collapse/ 20€
RED HARE "nites of midnite" Lp /dischord/ 16'5€
REFUSED "everlasting" 12" /startracks/ 14€
REFUSED "songs to fan the flames of discontent" Lp /burning heart/ 20’5€
REFUSED "the shape of punk to come" 2xLp /epitaph/ 30’5€
REFUSED "this just might be...the truth" Lp /startracks/ 18€
REGULATOR WATTS "the mercury" Lp /bcore/ 15€
REIZ "das kind wird ein erfolg" Lp /pifia/ 11€
REIZ "st" Lp /pifia/ 10€
REMAINS OF THE DAY “an underlying frequency” Lp /alerta antifascista/ 13€
REMAINS OF THE DAY “hanging on rebellion” Lp /alerta antifascista/ 14€
REMEK "st" Lp /stonehenge/ 10€
REMEK / LAWINE “split” Lp /rope or guillotine/ 9€
The REMEMBERABLES “st” Lp /adagio 830/ 12€
RESURRECTIONISTS /GENTLE ART OF CHOKIN' “split” 12" /react with protest/ 11€
RIP "no te muevas" Lp + revista /discos suicidas/ 17'5€
RIP / ESKORBUTO “zona especial norte” Lp /munster/ 15€
RISE AGAINST "revolutions per minute" Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
RISE AGAINST "the unraveling" Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
RIVIERA “contrasto” Lp /pundonor/ 11€
ROCKIN FOR TANGAS “call me!” Lp /bartolini/ 10€
ROTURA “estamos fracasando” Lp /kremón/ 10€
ROUILLE "on tue ici" Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 8€
RUINED FAMILIES "blank language" Lp /adagio 830/ 11€
RUINED FAMILIES "education" Lp /adagio 830/ 12€
RULETA RUSA "aquí no es" Lp /trabuc/ 10€
RULETA RUSA "eurotour" 12" /trabuc/ 9€
RVIVR "bicker & breathe 12" /yoyo/ 12€
RVIVR "dirty water" 12" /yoyo/ 12€
RVIVR "s/t" Lp /yoyo/ 12€
Los SAICOS "¡demolición! the complete recordings" Lp /munster/ 15'5€
SANGHARSHA "bayou" Lp /alerta antifascista/ 11€
SATANIC SURFERS "back from hell" Lp /chase the glory/ 18€
SATANIC SURFERS “keep out “ 12” /effervescence/ 14€
SATANIC SURFERS “taste the poison” Lp /la agonía de vivir/ black 15€ / transparent 16€
SCREAM “still screaming” Lp /dischord/ 16’5€
SCREAM “this side up” Lp /dischord/ 16’5€
The SECRET SOCIETY “hacemos ruidos raros al rompernos” Lp /suena fuerte/ 15€
SED NON SATIATA "mappo" Lp /echo canyon/ 12€
SEEIN´ RED "we need to do more than just..." Lp /ebullition/ 12€
SERPENT "lluna roja" Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 12€
SEVERED HEAD OF STATE "power hazard" 12" /havoc/ 13€
SHADES APART “save it” Lp /revelation/ 20’5€
SHAKERS "I need you to know" Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 12€
SHEER MAG “a distant call” Lp /wilsun/ 18’5€
SHEER MAG "need to feel your love" Lp /static shock/ 15€
SHEER MAG "st" Lp /wilsuns/ 17€
SHESHxSHESHxSHESH “hakol po hole” Lp /taklitim holim/ 14€
SHINER “the egg” Lp /bcore/ 15€
SHOPLIFTERS "secret free world" Lp /bartolini/ 15€
SHOREBREAK “discografía” Lp /non-profit/ 12€
SICK OF IT ALL "call to arms" Lp /fat wreck/ 18’5€
SINALOA "st" 12" /adagio 830/ 11€
SINDICATO VERTICAL “st” Lp /in my heart empire/ 12€
SKITSYSTEM "gra varld svarta..." Lp /havoc/ 13'5€
SLEATER - KINNEY "the hot rock" Lp /subpop/ 21’5€
SLINT "spiderland" Lp /touch and go/ 20€
SLINT “st“ 10” /touch and go/ 15€
SL’S3 “con la venda hacia la pared” 10" /selfreleased/ 7€
The SMITH STREET BAND "don't fuck with our dreams" 12" /asian man/ 13'5€
The SMITH STREET BAND "sunshine & technology" Lp /asian man/ 15'5€
The SMUDJAS “what we have is today” Lp /adagio 830/ 12€
SNFU "fyulaba" Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 16€
SNFU “a blessing but with it a curse” Lp /chase the glory/ 20€
SNUFF "flibbiddy...." 12" /fat wreck/ 16€
SNUFF "there's a lot of it about it" Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
SOCIAL DISTORTION “hard times and nursery rhymes” 2xLp /epitaph/ 24’5€
The SOMBERLAIN "ancient satanic cult" Lp /autoeditado/ 9€
SOMBRA DE LOBO “otra alquimia” Lp /flexidiscos/ 10€
SONGS:OHIA “ghost tropic” Lp /secretly canadian/ 18€
SONIC YOUTH “daydream nation” 2xLp /goofin/ 28€
SONIC YOUTH “evol” Lp /goofin/ 20’5€
SONIC YOUTH "sister" Lp /goofin/ 21€
SONIC YOUTH “st” 2xLp /goofin/ 28€
The SORTS "six plus" Lp /bcore/ 15€
SPORT "discography 2010-2019" 3xLp + 7” /la agonía de vivir/ 29€
SPRAYNARD “cut & paste” Lp /dead broke/ 15€
SPUTA “no redemption” 12” /la agonía de vivir/ 11€
STANDSTILL “the ionic spell” Lp /bcore/ 18€
STRAIGHTJACKET NATION "live on PBS 8/3/07" 12" /no patience/ 8€
STRAIGHTLINE "vanishing values" Lp /lockjaw/ 16€
STRIFE "incision" 12" /war/ 15'5€
STRIFE "one truth" Lp /victory/ 22€
STRIKE ANYWHERE “change is a sound” Lp /jade tree/ 21€
STRIKE ANYWHERE “exit english” Lp /jade tree/ 21€
STRIKE ANYWHERE “iron front” Lp /bridge nine/ 18’5€
STRUNG OUT “songs of armor and devotion” Lp /fat wreck/ 19€
STRUNG OUT "suburban teenage wasteland blues" Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
STRUNG OUT "transmission.alpha.delta" Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
STRUNG OUT "twisted by design" Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
SUDOR “causa general” 12” /beat generation/ 12€
SUGAR “copper blue / beaster” 2xLp /merge/ 29€
SUGAR "file under: easy listening" Lp /merge/ 21€
SUGARTOWN CABARET "the first time I lost the road map" 2xLp /la agonía de vivir/ 17€
SUGARTOWN CABARET "this is a split" 10" /moment of collapse/ 9€
SUGUS "1995" Lp /rufus/ 12€
SUGUS "learn to be a mornard" Lp /rufus/ 10€
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES "st" Lp /frontier/ 17’5€
The SUICIDE MACHINES “revolution spring” Lp /fat wreck/ 18’5€
SUNNY DAY REAL STATE "LP2 (pink)" 2xLp /subpop/ 26€
SUPERALMA “en guerra con el mundo material” Lp /in my heart empire/ 11€
SUPERCHUNK "indoor living" Lp /merge/ 22€
SUPERCHUNK "majesty shredding" Lp /merge/ 20’5€
SUPERCHUNK "on the mouth" Lp /merge/ 21'5€
SUPERCHUNK "st" Lp /merge/ 21’5€
SVDESTADA “yo soy el mar” Lp /ojalä me muera/ 12€
SVFFER "empathist" Lp /vendetta/ 12€
SWEET EMPIRE "old ideas" Lp /shield/ 10€
SWINGIN´UTTERS "fistful of hollow" Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
SWINGIN´UTTERS "five lessons learned" Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
SWINGIN´UTTERS "the streets of San Francisco" Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
TABARNAK “Moris Academy” Lp /taklitim holim/ 14€
TANO! “cants als malsons” Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 10€
TANO! "st" Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 10€
TEːRS "st" 12" /theia/ 9€
TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET “sick sesh!” Lp /fat wreck/ 18’5€

TENSIÓN “st” Lp /nation on fire/ 11€
TERESA BANKS “nobody’s coming to the rescue” Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 15€
THRICE “palms” Lp /epitaph/ 20€
THRICE "the illusion of safety" Lp /subcity/ 20€
TIDAL SLEEP "be water" Lp /this charming man/ 12€
TIDAL SLEEP "st" Lp /this charming man/ 12€
TIDAL SLEEP "vorstellungskraft" Lp /this charming man/ 12€
TIPEX “st” Lp /flexidiscos/ 10€
TITLE FIGHT "shed" Lp /sideonedummy/ 21€
TOBY FOSTER “100 ways” Lp /pundonor/ 10€
TOTÄLICKERS "ansietät" Lp /kremón/ 10€
TOTEM SKIN "still waters run deep" Lp /adagio 830/ 12€
TOUCHE AMORE ”is survived by” Lp /deathwish/ 23€
TOUCHÉ AMORÉ "lament" Lp /epitaph/ 23’5€
TOUCHÉ AMORÉ "parting the sea between..." Lp /deathwish/ 21€
TRAGEDY “fury” 12” /tragedy/ 16€
TRAGEDY "st" Lp /tragedy/ 16€
TRAINWRECK "if there's light it will..." 12" /rockstar/ 11€
TRAINWRECK "old departures, new beginnings" Lp /rockstar/ 12€
TRIGGER HAPPY “I hate us” Lp /chase the glory/ 18€
TRIGGER HAPPY “I’ll shut up when you fuck...” Lp /chase the glorry/ 18€
TRIGGER HAPPY “killatron 2000” Lp /chase the glory/ 18€
TRIGGER TRAVIS "nada cambia" Lp /la humanidad es la plaga/ 9€
TUESDAY "frewheelin" Lp /asian man/ 16€
TUMULTO "riflesso incondizionato" Lp /trivel/ 10€
TURNOVER "magnolia" Lp /run for cover/ 20'5€
ULISES LIMA "for all that matters" Lp /caleiah/ 10€

ULISES LIMA "waiting for the summer" Lp /caleiah/ 10€
ULISES LIMA / SHONEN BAT "split" Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 7€
UNA BÈSTIA INCONTROLABLE "metamorfosi" Lp /la vida es un mus/ 12€
UNDECLINABLE "sound city burning" Lp /effervescence/ 17€
UNDECLINABLE AMBUSCADE “their greatest adventures” Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 17€
The UNFINISHED SYMPATHY “it's a crush” Lp /bcore/ 15€
UNIFORM CHOICE “screaming for change” Lp /southern lord/ 23€
UNIFORM CHOICE “st” Lp /mankind/ 22€
USE OF ABUSE “...I’d rather close my eyes” 12” /la agonía de vivir/ 14-15€
USELESS ID "state is burning" Lp /fat wreck/ 17'5€
VARUKERS "another religion another war" Lp /havoc/ 13€
VERBAL ASSAULT “trial” Lp /atomic action!/ 19€
The VIBRATORS energize Lp /phr/ 13€
VICTIMS "killer" Lp /havoc/ 13€
VIOLETS “maybe this” Lp /can’t keep us down/ 11€
VIVA BELGRADO “bellavista” Lp /walking is still honest/ 14€
VOID “sessions: 1981-1983” Lp /dischord/ 16'5€
WAR ON WOMEN “wonderful hell” Lp /bridge nine/ 18’5€
WARSONG "control" Lp /sabotage/ 12€
WARZONE "don't forget the struggle, don't forget the streets" Lp /revelation/ 20’5€
WE ARE IDOLS "powerless" Lp /dropout/ 9€
WEAK “the wheel” 12” /la agonía de vivir/ 10€
WESTERN ADDICTION "tremulous" Lp /fat wreck/ 18€
WESTERN ADDICTION “frail bray” Lp /fat wreck/ 18’5€
WET THE ROPE "the sum of our scars" Lp /adagio 830/ 12€
WHITE WALLS “Kevin “the magnum opus” 12” /video disease/ 7€
WILD ANIMALS “B-sides” one sided 10” /la agonía de vivir/ 10€
WILD ANIMALS "the hoax" Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 11€
WIPERS "is this real?" Lp /jackpot/ 23€
WIPERS "over the edge" Lp /jackpot/ 23€
WIPERS "youth of America" Lp /jackpot/ 23€
WIRE “pink flag” Lp /pink flag/ 22€
WOLFBRIGADE "run with the hunted" Lp /southern lord/ 18'5€
WOOLF "posing / improvising" 12" /la vida es un mus/ 12'5€
XAVIER CALVET “firebird” Lp /bcore/ 15€
XMILK “function” Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 14€
YAPHET KOTTO “syncopated synthetic laments for love” Lp /la agonía de vivir/ black 13€ - red 14€ (PRE_ORDER!)
YOU AND I “complete” 2xLp /repeater/ 29€
YOU COULD BE A COP “st” Lp /adagio 830/ 11€
YOUTH OF TODAY "can't close my eyes" Lp /revelation/ 20'5€
ZAHRADA “st” Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 10€
ZEIDUN “001” Lp /la agonía de vivir/ black 15€ / coke bottle green 16€ (PRE-ORDER!)
ZEKE “kicked in the teeth” Lp /la agonía de vivir/ 16-16’5€
ZEKE “true crime” Lp /digital warfare/ 20€
ZERO BOYS “vicious circle” Lp /secretly canadian/ 19€

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