-Return/shipping policy

Shipping is always tracked and registered, this cover a part of the value of the package in case it is lost during the shipment but not cover any damage.

If you want full cover for damages or lost you need to ask me for full insurance. 

If you want to return any item we will refund you for the price of the items but not for the shipping you already paid and the shipment back to us is on you.

-Shipping rates

Bigcartel is not good calculating shipping when it comes to 3 or more items. So if you order more than 2 items expect a refund from me within a few days based on these real shipping rates:

Up to 7 lps= 9€
Up to 17 lps= 11€

3 lps= 20'90€
4 lps= 30'90€
5 lps= 32'90€
6 lps= 33'90€
7 lps= 35'90€
more than 7 lps depends on the country

Rest of the world:
3 lps= 33'50€
4 lps= 43'50€
5 lps= 44'50€
6 lps= 46'50€
7 lps= 48'50€
more than 7 lps depends on the country

For any question or doubt just contact us: uptothesky5(a)hotmail.com