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LADV197 - YAPHET KOTTO "the killer was in the government blankets" LP REISSUE (December 2023)
Limited to 500 copies - 200 transparent green vinyl / 300 black vinyl
Originally released by Ebullition Records in 1999. First press on vinyl since the original one!

Yaphet Kotto were from Santa Cruz (California) and were active from 1996 to 2005. They were involved in the flourishing US scene of bands that started to mix emo with screamy hc/punk in the mid 90s and that kinda created the 'screamo" term. While many of them had some kind of arty vibe, Yaphet Kotto were the more sociopolitical side of it. Ebullition released their full albums and both have gotten well reconigtion as one of the labels and bands that more helped to develope that sound and scene.

Personally are one of my favourite bands of the genre. It's also probably one of the most imitated. Along the years that high tone melodic vocals mixed with the desperate screamings, that political approach, the raw production...still sounds great and different to me.

This is a vinyl reissue of their first album from 1999. A fucking classic!


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