• Image of LADV_PEC06 - R.K.L. "Riches to Rags" Tshirt
  • Image of LADV_PEC06 - R.K.L. "Riches to Rags" Tshirt

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LADV_PEC06 - R.K.L. "Riches to Rags" Tshirt

Exclusive design by Lil' Joe Raposo (R.K.L. bass player)
Oficially licensed by the band.
One single run limited to 250.

Black 190 grs Earth Positive tshirt:
-100% organic cotton
-Fair trade
-Vegan, not animal tested
-No gender
-Printed with environmental friendly inks by SIrocografía: https://sirocografia.com/

"Rich Kids on LSD were a band from Santa Barbara (California) that were active in the 80's and 90's with a few broke ups and come backs during that time. My story with them is kinda weird, but no more than their story themselves.
They were really important to define that californian punk rock that became so big in the mid 90s, even though their sound was pretty much more trashy and harsh. All in R.K.L. was different and special; their technical musicianship was insane and that was totally new in the 80's punk scene, the dark and crazy lyrics with that amazing personal vocals, from the classic hc/punk of their first record they evolved to a totally original sound that had never heard before and that still today you can easily recognize, their crazy sets, the Dan Sites lisergic artworks and then that kinda cursed status cause the drugs abuse and some of their members passing away.

As I said, my story with them is also different since the first time I listened to them I didn't like it at all. It was on Punk-O-Rama comp when I was 14/15 years old and everything I wanted to listen at that time was the classic Epitaph/Fat Wreck melodic punk rock I had fallen in love with the previous months, so R.K.L. was still kinda too much for my young ears.
The years gone by and I totally forgot about them but then in the very early 2000's when I was desperately looking for Void stuff, I got a recorded tape from a friend of a friend with the Faith / Void split (probably best split ever), R.K.L. "Riches to Rags" and a part of the "Rock'n Roll Nightmare" at the end. I had just started to play bass not that long before and when I listened the "Riches..." opener I was like "holy fuck!!!!", I think I'd never heard a bass line so fast and crazy, I couldn't understand why I had never tried to listen them before. Funny that some time after that I just realized that opener was the same song I hadn't liked it at all back in the day on the Punk-O-Rama comp. I just kept listening that whole tape like everyday for a long time and I didn't stop until I got the full "Rock'n Roll Nightmare" album that was cut cause the lenght of the fucking TDK.
After all this time those two albums still blow my mind and specially as a bass player. I still try to play "Betrayed" and I still suck on it!
So as crazy as those bass lines is the fact that I'm reissueing that fucking masterpiece and putting out this awesome tshirt, with that beautiful memorial to Derrick, Bomer and Jason, designed by Lil' Joe Raposo himself, R.K.L. bass player."
LADV (04/21).


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