• Image of LADV_PEC02 - NOT ON TOUR "Skater Ripper" Tshirt
  • Image of LADV_PEC02 - NOT ON TOUR "Skater Ripper" Tshirt

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LADV_PEC02 - NOT ON TOUR "Skater Ripper" Tshirt

Exclusive design by El Nerdo: https://guillermourdanibia.tumblr.com/
Oficially licensed by the band.
One single run limited to 150.

White 190 grs Earth Positive tshirt:
-100% organic cotton
-Fair trade
-Vegan, not animal tested
-No gender
-Printed with environmental friendly inks by SIrocografía: https://sirocografia.com/

"The first time I met Not On Tour I was picking them up from Madrid airport to start a 11 day tour through Spain and Portugal in 2016 spring. I liked the band but I’d never been on tour as a driver with a band I didn’t get to know before at all so I had no idea what to expect and it was even more controversial since they were from Tel Aviv (Israel, I think there’s no need to explain what was controversial about it at this point). Anyway I had a good feeling about them.

I think after the first show in Valencia (thanx for the worst “vegan” dinner ever! Hi Gutzy!) we all felt we were gonna be good friends. Last day of the tour, that we called ourselves “Every day we are late and every night we are drunk tour” (that also became the lyrics for a new song), I was opening for them in Madrid with my band and that “chemical” night was the confirmation of a true friendship.

4 years later I can say I couldn’t be happier I decided to go on that tour, it was the first one of a few more adventures around the world including that “funny” night in Prague (“I won’t participate”), a bunch of crazy nights in Berlin, lost in the snow around Munich or my closest time to die, that festival with a “trash bag” and NOFX on dope, a broken finger in the middle of nowhere, a new band in Tel Aviv playing in Jerusalem... but overall it really opened my mind and blew up some of my prejudices becoming some of my best friends. Last few years haven’t been the best for me and everytime we’ve met has been the most effective medication.

In these 4 years I’ve reissued all their discography and put out their new album. No hesitation to say they are the best “90’s skatepunk” band of the last decade but if they weren’t I would really love them anyway!

I wanna be like you! Fuck the borders!!!"
LADV (10 / 20).


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